Behind the Shred

Yo, what’s good fellow fingerboarders?

My name is Max, and I’m the founder behind Savage Shredz.


I’m stoked you made it to the ‘Behind the Shred’ page!

I’m gonna give you some inside info on who I am, how I got into fingerboarding, and why I started this site.

So, I’ve been shredding on fingerboards for more than a fortnight now, and it all started when I was bored at a desk.

My First Experience Fingering the Board:

I love skateboarding and Tony Hawk Video games. So when it came to sitting still at a desk, I needed to satisfy my need for shredding. So, I picked up a fingerboard and started to learn some tricks.

At first, it was just a way to kill time.

But soon, I became obsessed with fingerboarding and was spending all my free time practicing new tricks and perfecting old ones.

Over the years, I’ve met so many awesome people in the fingerboarding community, and I’ve been lucky enough to compete in a few competitions as well.

Why I Started SavageShredz:

I have always loved geeking out on Fingerboard content online.

I’d spend hours checking forums and YouTube channels, and I wanted to give back to the community.

That’s why I started Savage Shredz!

My goal is to share my love of fingerboarding with the world and to connect with other fingerboarders from all over.

I wanted to create a site where people could find the latest news and reviews, learn new tricks, and shop for fingerboards and accessories. And of course, I wanted to do it all in a way that’s fun and accessible.

My Favorite Trick:

As for my favorite fingerboard trick, that’s a tough one. I love doing grinds and slides, but if I had to pick just one trick, I’d say it’s the kickflip. There’s just something so satisfying about landing a clean kickflip, you know?

Anyway, I hope this little peek behind the shred has given you a better idea of who I am and why I do what I do. Keep shredding, y’all!