Best Fingerboard Trucks for Tricks: Max Your Shred

Discover the Best Fingerboard Trucks for Tricks to Max Your Shred and forget about trucks that don’t deliver the performance you need to execute those jaw-dropping tricks.

Check out my dope list of ‘Trash or Thrash’ that will take your fingerboarding skills to the next level.

What make the Best Fingerboard Trucks:

At their core, trucks are an essential component of fingerboarding, and choosing the right one can make all the difference.

In this post, we’ll explore the top fingerboard trucks for tricks, based on a comprehensive set of criteria.

These include quality, size, overall experience, and price, all of which are important factors to consider when selecting the best fingerboard trucks for tricks.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in the fingerboarding scene, keep reading to discover the best fingerboard trucks for tricks that will help you elevate your fingerboarding skills to the next level.

What Fingerboard Trucks Do:

Skateboard Trucks as seen by AI
(Above: What AI thinks ‘Skateboard Trucks’ are…)

Before diving into the top fingerboard trucks for tricks, it’s important to understand what they are and why they are essential for performing tricks.

Trucks are the metal component of a fingerboard that connect the deck to the wheels, allowing for fluid movement and control.

They are what enable fingerboarders to perform impressive tricks, from grinds to kickflips and beyond.

Fingerboard Truck Sizes:

Let’s talk about fingerboard trucks and the difference between the two primary sizes, 32mm and 34mm. These sizes can have a major impact on your fingerboarding experience, so it’s important to understand the differences between the two.

32mm Fingerboard Trucks:

First off, 32mm trucks are the standard size and are suitable for most fingerboarders.

They provide a good balance between stability and control, making them a solid choice for beginners and more experienced riders alike.

You can perform a wide range of tricks with 32mm trucks, from grinds to flips, and they are generally more versatile than their wider counterparts.

Top tricks to shred on 32mm trucks:

  • Ollies
  • Kickflips
  • Heelflips
  • Pop shuvits
  • 50-50 grinds
  • Feeble grinds
  • Smith grinds
  • Nose grinds
  • Tailslides
  • Nose slides
3 Different Fingerboards

34mm Fingerboard Trucks:

On the other hand, 34mm trucks are wider and can offer more stability and control, which can be beneficial for more advanced tricks.

The added width allows for more surface area to grip onto, which can help with balance and precision during tricks.

However, 34mm trucks may not be suitable for all tricks and can be more challenging to use for some riders.

Advanced tricks to shred on your 34mm trucks:

  • Big spins
  • Tre flips
  • Varial flips
  • Hardflips
  • Inward heelflips
  • 360 flips
  • Nollie and switch flips

36mm Fingerboard Trucks: 

This are often specialized and available from some top end brands like Dynamic Trucks and Black Bear Trucks.

Ultimately, the size of your fingerboard trucks will come down to personal preference and the type of tricks you want to perform. Both 32mm and 34mm trucks have their advantages and disadvantages, and it’s up to you to decide which size is right for you. So, go ahead and experiment with different sizes to find the perfect fit for your fingerboarding style.

Fingerboard Truck Quality:

trucks 3d diagram

The quality of fingerboard trucks is a crucial aspect to consider when selecting the best trucks for tricks.

Opting for cheap and poorly made trucks can be a significant hindrance to your overall performance, leading to disappointing and lackluster fingerboarding sessions.

It’s important to invest in high-quality trucks that offer superior performance, smoothness, and durability.

Quality fingerboard trucks are essential for executing tricks because they provide a better overall experience.

They are more durable, allowing you to perform tricks repeatedly without worrying about the trucks breaking or losing their shape.

Moreover, high-quality trucks are more stable and offer better control, enabling you to land tricks more precisely and confidently.

Truck’s Overall Experience

The overall experience is a crucial factor to keep in mind when selecting the best fingerboard trucks for your tricks.

You don’t want to settle for trucks that don’t deliver the smooth and responsive ride you need to master those gnarly moves.

The right trucks will make all the difference and will make it easier for you to perform tricks like a pro.

But that’s not all, my friends. You also want to choose fingerboard trucks that are easy to install and adjust. Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend hours fiddling around with their gear when they could be shredding.

With the right trucks, you can customize your fingerboard to your individual needs and hit those tricks with confidence. So, make sure you choose trucks that give you the overall experience you deserve!

Fingerboard truck cost:

It’s worth noting that investing in high-quality fingerboard trucks can save you money in the long run. While they may cost more upfront, they tend to last longer than lower quality trucks, reducing the need for frequent replacements. This can save you money and the hassle of constantly having to purchase new trucks.

When selecting fingerboard trucks for tricks, it’s vital to prioritize quality over price. Investing in high-quality, durable, and long-lasting trucks will undoubtedly enhance your fingerboarding experience, allowing you to perform tricks with ease and confidence.

Trash vs Thrash w/ Mr. Pickles:

Trash or Thrash w Mr Pickles

Mr. Pickles is going to break down the top Fingerboard Trucks!

Let us know if you agree in the comments!
(just don’t make Mr. Pickles angry!)

Notes: Teak Space:

Trucks:Size:The Thrash:CostRanked:Snag Here:
Teak Tuning Spacer Trucks – Gold32mmQuality performance and sleek simplicity, all rolled into one. The most basic of trucks. Perfect for all skill levels.Low350/420
Teak Tuning Prodigy Trucks – Silver32mmImprovement from basic spacer trucks with upgraded shape and appearance. These trucks are a little nicer and have slightly better ratings than the spacers.Medium400/420Get the Best Price on Amazon!
Teak Tuning Prodigy Trucks – White34mmJust like the trucks above, but 34mm and in white. These look dope!Medium400/420Get the Best Price on Amazon!
P-REP Solid Performance Trucks – Silver32mmChrome SOLID Performance Tuned Nuts Trucks. Comes with a set of BKF Blue Baked Bushings, 6 lock nuts, screws, and an assembly tool. Bonus Stickers!Medium400/420Get the Best Price on Amazon!
P-REP Solid Fingerboard Trucks34mmJust like the trucks about, but 34mm.
TECH DECK, Shredline 360 Motorized Skate Parkn/aLooking for a dope way to fingerboard? Check this thing out! Great for beginners and experienced who want to have fun! Comes with everything!Low420/420


Fingerboard of the Future
(Who Knows, maybe well be Shredding on some Hoverboards before we know it!)

Yo, there you have it! Our top picks for the best fingerboard trucks for tricks. As you can see, there are a variety of options out there, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Remember to consider factors like quality, size, overall experience, and price when selecting the right trucks for you.

We hope this guide has been helpful in your quest to find the perfect trucks for your fingerboarding adventures. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to drop them in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share your own experiences and opinions – we love hearing from our fellow shredders!

So go out there and thrash it up, my dudes! With the right fingerboard trucks, you’ll be pulling off sick tricks like a pro in no time.

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