White Fingerboard Foam Tape: Get Ghosted!

The mystical and elusive White Fingerboard Foam Tape!


Today, we’re diving into a world where fingerboard tape breaks all the rules and defies the norm.

Everyone is familiar with the classic types of fingerboard grip tape which come in the classic black. It is the look we have all come to know and love!

Truth is, you can’t go wrong with the classic black…

But, what other options are there?

There are colored foam fingerboard grip tapes, especially common with like Gecko Fingerboard Grip Tape.

But what about white…

I mean, is white even a color.. Or is the lack of color?

*Spends the net 45 minutes staring at the wall thinking about the “color” white*

Anyways.. Let talk about the Ghostly, White Foam Fingerboard Grip Tape!

You ready to embark on a journey that’s as bright as a ghostly apparition, as smooth as a cloud and as friendly as Casper?

Strap in, because things are about to get ghostly!

Section 1: The Ghostly Aesthetics of White Fingerboard Foam Tape

White Grip Tape on White Background

Embrace the Ethereal Vibe of White Fingerboard Foam Tape

Who says fingerboard tape has to be black? 

White foam grip tape steps out of the shadows and brings a supernatural charm to your setup. 

It’s like riding on the wings of a ghostly spirit, leaving ethereal traces as you shred through the streets of fingerboarding.

So make the choice, is it time to tear off your old grip tape and learn how to put new white foam tape on your board?

Stand Out from the Shadows

I don’t think I am ready to ditch the traditional black tape.

But some people want to make a bold statement with white foam tape. Your fingerboard will become a beacon of otherworldly presence, catching the eyes of fellow fingerboarders and leaving them in awe of your spectral style.

Just remember to make sure your shred lives up to the style!

‘All Style and No Shred’ makes Max a sad fingerboarder!

Section 2: The Haunting Performance

Future White Fingerboard Foam Grip Tape

Float Like a Phantom

Even just the look of white foam tape adds an extra layer of ghostly smoothness to your fingerboard.

When you check out the history of fingerboards foam grip tape, I bet they never imagined it would be white one day!

It’s like gliding on a cloud, giving you the mental focus to effortlessly executing tricks with an otherworldly grace.

Get ready to experience the phantom touch and take your fingerboarding skills to new spectral heights.

Summon the Spectral Grip

While white foam tape may seem like a ghostly apparition, don’t be fooled by its airy appearance.

It boasts a style that keeps focus locked in place, ensuring maximum control over your board.

It’s like having supernatural powers straight to your fingertips.

Section 3: Unleashing the Ghost Rider Within

Ghost Riding the Fingerboard

Tap into the Inspiration

With white foam tape, you’re tapping into the supernatural energy that fuels your fingerboarding prowess.

Embrace the ghost rider within and channel the spirits of legendary fingerboarders who have come before you.

Their otherworldly presence will guide you on your fingerboarding journey.

White Fingerboard Foam Tape Leaves Ghostly Traces…

Ghostly White Fingerboard Grip Tape

As you shred with white foam tape, imagine leaving behind ghostly trails in your wake.

Every flip, grind, and slide becomes a spectral masterpiece, leaving an indelible mark on the fingerboarding world.

It’s like painting with supernatural precision on the canvas of the concrete jungle.

White Fingerboard Foam Tape – Getting Ghosted:

So there you have it, fellow fingerboarders! White Fingerboard Foam Tape is your ticket to becoming the Ghost Rider of the fingerboarding realm.

So while we know what what fingerboard grip tape is made of, making it white adds a different level to shred.

Embrace the ethereal aesthetics, unleash the haunting performance, and tap into the paranormal inspiration.

With every trick, you’ll leave ghostly traces and make a lasting impression on the fingerboarding community.

Embrace the spectral side, break free from the shadows, and let your fingerboarding skills transcend the mortal realm!

Remember, in the world of fingerboarding, rules are meant to be broken, and white foam tape is here to break them with a mischievous grin. Get ready to ride with the spirits and shred like never before.

It’s time to join the ranks of the fingerboarding elite and become a legend in your own ghostly right!

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