What is Fingerboard Grip Tape Made of?

What is fingerboard grip tape made of

You ever wonder What is Fingerboard Grip Tape Made out of? Like I get, it’s like sandpaper or foam.. We know there are several types of fingerboard grip tape but, like, how do they make it? (Maybe these thoughts happen too close to 4:20?) Well, fellow fingerboarders, welcome to a ‘Gripping Tale’ (see what I … Read more

White Fingerboard Foam Tape: Get Ghosted!

White Fingerboard Foam Tape

The mystical and elusive White Fingerboard Foam Tape! Intro: Today, we’re diving into a world where fingerboard tape breaks all the rules and defies the norm. Everyone is familiar with the classic types of fingerboard grip tape which come in the classic black. It is the look we have all come to know and love! … Read more

Fingerboard Foam Grip Tape: The History

History Fingerboard Foam Grip Tape

We are back with the history of Fingerboard Foam Grip Tape 101, your little history lesson… Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Max, history? Didn’t you struggle in that class?” Well, yeah, let’s just say my report card wasn’t exactly filled with A’s in the history department. But don’t worry, I’ve done my research … Read more

Types of Fingerboard Grip Tape

Types of Grip Tape

Explore the two main types of fingerboard grip tape that dominate the scene. Where two main contenders reign supreme: Foam grip tape and Standard Sandpaper Grip Tape. We will also explore some of the more exotic options! Each brings its own unique characteristics to the table, offering different benefits for your fingerboarding adventures. It is … Read more

Fingerboard Trucks Tuning Guide

Fingerboard Trucks Tuning Guide

I’m stoked to bring you the ultimate guide to fingerboard truck tuning. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, tuning your trucks is essential to getting the most out of your fingerboarding experience. In this guide, we’ll break down all the parts of fingerboard trucks and give you step-by-step instructions on how to … Read more