Fingerboard Tutorials

These Fingerboard Tutorials will take you from beginner to Shred Master in no time!

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Fingerboard Tricks Tutorials

Shred Starters – Day 1

How to Manual Fingerboard

How to Manual a Fingerboard

This is the most basic of things to do with your new fingerboard.
Yet, getting comfortable with it is a key building block to mastering the shred. Spend some time just playing with your board and doing the manual.

Click here for the tutorial on how to Manual a Fingerboard

Pop shove it on a fingerboard

How to Pop Shove it on a Fingerboard

This is another trick you can nail in a day.
It is simply spinning the board 180 (or 360 degrees) before you catch it again. While this trick is simple, it gives you a good feel for the board and how much ‘muscle’ to use with your fingers.

Click here for the tutorial how to pop shove it on a fingerboard

Board Tune Up Tutorials

Fingerboard Trucks Tuning Guide

Fingerboard Trucks Tuning Guide

Struggling to perform your favorite tricks consistently?
Make sure your fingerboard trucks are tuned up and ready to shred!

Click here for the Fingerboard Trucks Tuning Guide

How to Replace Your Grip Tape

Are you tired of your worn-out grip tape hindering your shred sessions? Fear not, because today we’re diving into the art of replacing your grip tape. In just a few simple steps, you can revive your fingerboard’s grip and unleash your tricks with confidence.

Click Here to Learn How to Put Foam Grip Tape on a Fingerboard